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Love T-shirt for him and her | Post Valentines day 2016 gift

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Post Valentines day gift for him and her

Love T-shirt for him and her | Post Valentines day 2016 gift 

Valentine's Day T-shirt for him 

Valentine's Day T-shirt for him , Everyone gives gift for Valentines day to his or her Valentine ..We know its not possible to deliver it before 14 Feb 2016 i.e. Valentine's day 2016 but you can also give this gift  after Valentines day as a POST Valentines day gift .. :) 


So you can make your partner feel special by giving this t-shirt after the Valentines day ..usually everyone gifts only on Valentine's day then why don't you gift him/her even after the Valentine's day ? This will surely increase your love.. this is the best way to show love on him / her.

You both will look perfect Together :)

Place your order and show your love on this Valentine's day and even after the Valentine's Day 2016.

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Let's show your love ! It's cheap cool and lovable 


Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift

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Last Minute DAY Gifts for Your Valentine

We’ve all been there.  You’re reading your favorite book in bed, cool as a cucumber, when suddenly you remember something that catapults you out of Kimberley and into vivid reality. It has dawned on you that tomorrow is not just tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  (Dun dun dun….)  And you have nothing to show for it.
Well, panic no more my fellow procrastinators!  I’ve scoured the interwebs high and low for the best of the best, and I have for you a round-up of 30 Last Minute DIY Gifts for Your Valentine!  (But most of these apply to all celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, you name it!  So, save this one for future reference.)
I’ve divided the list up into three categories:
  1. Printables
  2. Get Crafty!
  3. Yummy in my Tummy
And I venture to guess most of these can be completed in 20 minutes or less.  Thinking Closet regulars may even spy a few familiar ones in this mix, too!
Let the inspiration commence!
30 Last Minute DIY Gifts for Your Valentine!  Such a creative bunch of ideas!  via thinkingcloset.com
{Pin me! And please pin the other images from their original sources. Thanks!}


First up and perrrrrfect for procrastinators is my free printable for 12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights!  In a pinch, you can even use a ribbon in lieu of a binder ring to tie it all together!
12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights: Creative Gift Idea with FREE Printable from thinkingcloset.com
12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights by The Thinking Closet
I even created a follow-up post for this project with 101 Creative Date Nights on a Dime to help you out as you create your mini book!  You’ll have your 12 date nights brainstormed in no time flat.
101 Creative Date Nights on a Dime! via thinkingcloset.com
101 Creative Date Nights on a Dime! by The Thinking Closet
           ( have a look on these cute t shirts awesome your partner will surely love it )
Next up is the Valentine’s Day gift I gave Mark last year: 6 different love notes with specific traits I admire about him written on heart notes scattered throughout the house.  He loved it!  (And the printable is made by one of my friends from college…also named Lauren!  Good times, good times.)
Idiot's Guide to Valentine's Day - - A Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea!
Surprise Love Notes by The Handmaden
Here’s a similar concept, but instead of notes around the house, pop this “I Love You Because” printable into a frame and fill in the blank with a dry erase marker all year round.  Guaranteed to give your man the warm fuzzies!
"I Love You Because" Printable: A Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
“I Love You Because” Printable by Life {Sweet} Life
How fun is this one?!  I’m a sucker for root beer floats, so this would a gift for myself, as well!
Root Beer Float Kit & Printable: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
Root Beer Float Kit & Printable by 30 Handmade Days
This Printable Love Coupon Book pretty much does all the work for you and is full of fun and creative gifts to give your sweetheart!
Printable Love Coupon Book by I Heart Naptime
Printable Love Coupon Book by I Heart Naptime
How ’bout this sweet jar of goodies labeled, “We love you to pieces!”  Kara is sending ’em to her hubby who is deployed.
We Love You To Pieces: A Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
We Love You To Pieces by Happy Go Lucky
Or if Swedish Fish are more his thang, then here’s a fantastic printable by Lil Luna:
You're Quite The Catch! Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
You’re Quite The Catch Printable by Lil Luna
Here’s an uber creative use of a Monday through Sunday pill box: give him Seven Days of Love with some sweet treats and love notes from this Dating Divas printable!
Seven Days of Love: One of 30 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him!
Seven Days of Love by The Dating Divas
This one just involves minimal photo editing, your home printer, and voila: you’ve got a gift-worthy picture strip, photo booth style!
DIY Photo Booth Picture Strip: A Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
DIY Photo Booth Picture Strip by Do Small Things With Love


Carving initials in a tree is so 2013.  Carving your initials in a wax candle is where it’s at, folks!  (And if you don’t have a linoleum carver, I betcha a small flathead or cuticle remover tool would work just fine n’ dandy!)
Carved Initial Candle: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
Carved Initial Candle by Henry Happened
Wordsmiths in the group will be keen on this one!  The question is, do you raid your own game or go thrifting for a new one?
Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas via thinkingcloset.com.  Procrastinators need not panic!  These gift ideas should take only 20 minutes tops to whip together...and your sweetheart is almost guaranteed to swoon!
Scrabble Art by Hot Polka Dot
I love the look of these crochet wrap bracelets with a button…and you could easily turn this into a gift for your man with some hemp.
Crochet Wrap Bracelet: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea!
Crochet Wrap Bracelet by One Dog Woof
Here’s a fun way to deliver a love note.  In a heart pocket on a pillow!  And while Melanie says this only took her 30 minutes or so to create the entire thing, pillow cover and all, you could always hijack one of those random throw pillows you have lying around, and give it a facelift with the heart pocket!
Secret Love Notes Pillow: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
Secret Love Notes Pillow by It Happens in a Blink
You may have seen this idea floating around on Pinterest, but this is the only one I think could be pulled off last minute.  The key?  She prints out her 52 things on Avery address labels.  Genius!
52 Reasons I Love You: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
52 Reasons I Love You by Everything Sunny Always
In anticipation of movie nights and nights at the theatre to come, create a Ticket Stub memory box for you and your sweetie!
Ticket Stub Memory Box Tutorial by The Thinking Closet
Ticket Stub Memory Box by The Thinking Closet
I’m really diggin’ the look of this rustic photo block.  Perfect for your rugged guy!
DIY Photo Block: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
DIY Photo Block Gift by View From the Fridge
I absolutely heart the idea of creating your own pocket-sized flip-book of you blowing him a kiss!
A Kiss In Your Pocket Flip Book by Katie Sokoler | Video on Vimeo
Along the same theme, slap on some of your favorite lipstick and smack away to create some personalized lipstick art!
Lipstick Art by A Beautiful Mess
Lipstick Art by A Beautiful Mess
And as long as you have thumbs and a mug, you can knock this project out of the park.  The more thumbs, the merrier, so get the kids in on this action, too!
Thumbprint Valentine Mug by One Artsy Mama
Thumbprint Valentine Mug by One Artsy Mama
In the same vein, if you have some glass etching cream on hand, you can personalize some glassware with your initials in a heart!  {KariAnne’s tutorial shows how to do it without a Silhouette machine.  Here’s my etching tutorial if you do have a Silhouette.}
Etched Valentine's Glass: Last Minute Gift Idea
Etched Valentine’s Glass by Thistlewood Farms
For the handyman in your life, how about a set of DIY cuff-links?  You could even use nail polish if you didn’t have enamel on hand.
DIY Cuff Links: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
DIY Cuff Links by Runway DIY
Sticks and stones won’t break your bones…they’ll warm the heart of your outdoorsy man with this punny gift!
Sticks & Stones: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
Sticks & Stones by Rad Megan
Pull out the acrylic paint and create some chalkboard-style DIY art!
Love Birds Chalkboard Art: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
Love Birds Chalkboard Art by Two Purple Couches
For those of you with a Silhouette or Cricut, you can add a meaningful phrase in vinyl to a framed photograph of the two of you, like I did for my parents’ anniversary gift.
Embellished Shadow Box: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
Embellished Shadow Box by The Thinking Closet
This mason jar matchbox has stolen my heart!  DIYer Grace even has the perfect pun to go on your gift tag…click through to see it!
Mason Jar Matchbox: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
Mason Jar Matchbox by Sense & Simplicity


They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; well, I dare say the same may be true for my heart with this yummy recipe for 2 minute French Toast!
2 Minute French Toast: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
2 Minute French Toast by Pretty Prudent
Or for something a little more savory, how ’bout this heart-tastic play on the “egg in the basket” breakfast treat?
Egg In The Heart Breakfast by Reclaiming Provincial
Egg In The Heart Breakfast by Reclaiming Provincial
Nothing quite beats dinner and a movie!  Start the night off with this delicious recipe for Teriyaki Steak Salad (because most men appreciate some red meat on their salads)…
Teriyaki Steak Salad by Suburble
Teriyaki Steak Salad by Suburble
…followed by some cozy couch cuddling with one of the 10 Ten Most Romantic Movies {Of All Time}.  And these picks were made by Thinking Closet readers so you know they’re on point!
Top Ten Romantic Movies of All Time by The Thinking Closet
Top Ten Romantic Movies of All Time by The Thinking Closet
For the pun-lovers out there, this is a really creative play on the classic “chocolate” for Valentine’s Day gift!
Candy Bar Card: A Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea!
Candy Bar Card by Repeat Crafter Me
And I hope Mark is not reading this now because I am SO doing this one day.  50 Reasons Why I Love You (all written out on Reese’s PB cups!).  He’ll feel loved every time he reaches for a treat.
50 Reasons Why I Love You: A Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea!
50 Reasons Why I Love You by Repeat Crafter Me
Or if you want to gift him with a fancy schmancy drink, how about this sophisticated Campari Kiss Cocktail?
Campari Kiss Cocktail: Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea
Campari Kiss Cocktail by Life in Velvet
I think some of those Berrylicious Heart-Shaped Ice Cubes I made last month would work perfectly in such a beverage!
Berrylicious Heart-Shaped Ice Cubes! Such a fun way to jazz up your drinks for Valentine's Day! (or any day for that matter.)
Berrylicious Heart-Shaped Ice Cubes by The Thinking Closet
And there you have it!  More DIY gift ideas than you know what to do with now.
30 Last Minute DIY Gifts for Your Valentine!  Such a creative bunch of ideas!  via thinkingcloset.com
Extra, extra!  I’ve got 2 exciting UPDATES for ya!

100 plus Love Messages for Valentines Day


100 plus Love Messages for Valentines Day

Worldwide, Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers. Traditionally, everyone goes all out to let their special someone knows how much they are appreciated on this day and everyday. Some will say it with flowers while others will bring on the bling. Others will get creative with customized dates while some will play it low-key with an at-home dinner date and together time. Whatever you plan to do forValentine’s Day, you will be faced with finding the right words to express your feelings. Whether it’s for a special someone who has been by your side for many years, a new sweetie who has brought joy to your world or someone you hope to charm soon enough, we have created the messages that will surely get their attention with or without a gift. Let these messages inspire you to plan a special day for your special someone.
  1. A day without you in my life should never come and even if it does, let that be the last day of my life.
  2. A day without you is a day without sun, a night without you is a night without moon; a life without you is a life without life.
  3. As busy as we get, we need to be reminded that we are still sweethearts. Valentine’s Day is a good day for me to stop and realize how wonderful you make me feel. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  4. Cupid shoots well for me! He hit you and me with perfect aim.
  5. Love is too weak a word for what I feel for you. One life is too small a time to express how madly I am in love with you.
  6. Curved high on a mountain, covered deep in dew, I saw these words… I LOVE YOU!
  7. Even though Valentine’s day costs a lot more with a girlfriend, you are the one girl in this world who is totally worth it.
  9. Every moment I am not without you, my tears fill the ocean blue…By mine, my love, forever.
  10. Every time I see you, I feel a little flame in my heart, that lights up, because… I LOVE YOU!
  11. Valentine’s Day Love Cards
  12. Falling in love is like looking at the stars. If you pick one out of the billions and stare at it long enough all the others will melt away.
  13. You walked in, and the sun broke through the clouds. Suddenly, life was worth living, and it became this big adventure. Thank you for being part of my life.
  14. You are a haven for my heart, a refuge for my soul.
  15. Love Quotes for Him
  16. The day we met is a day I will cherish until the end of time. I have never felt as happy as I do when you are at my side.
  17. For today or tomorrow, be mine, forever and ever and ever.
  18. Love Quotes for Her
  19. God has created you only for me, because he knows no one can love you more than me!
  20. Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest valentine I could want. You are my sweetheart, and I am glad you’re mine.
  21. Romantic Love Poems
  22. I am lucky to have a girlfriend who is beautiful, fun, smart, and crazy enough to go out with me.
  23. I am wondering how I got so lucky to have you as a girlfriend.
  24. I cherish every minute that I spend with you! I am so blessed that I can, for a love so special.
  25. I cherish the time that we spend together and know that you are a great Valentine.
  26. Valentine’s Day Wishes
  27. I consider myself to be the luckiest woman on this Earth and it’s only because I have found the most precious jewel of this world. It’s you, my love. You are the only thing that looks good on me.
  28. I couldn’t think of anything better to write in your card than the truth. I love you!
  29. Funny Valentine’s Day Love Quotes
  30. I do not think often, I do not think much, but when I do, I think of you only.
  31. I don’t just love you. I love that I get to have you as my Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  32. Love and Chocolate
  33. I don’t know how to write great messages in cards, but I want to let you know how special you are to me. You are awesome! Happy Valentine’s day!
  34. I don’t know what I mean to you, I don’t know whether you love me or not, but I love you forever, forever, and forever.
  35. Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day
  36. I feel the happiest when I think about you, coz I love you.
  37. I have one wish for Valentine’s Day. I want you wrapped up in a big bow.
  38. Love SMS Messages
  39. Your smile sets my heart on fire.
  40. I have seen angels in the sky, I have seen snowfall in July, I have seen stars falling apart, but I haven’t seen anyone like you.
  41. 100 Valentine’s Day Love Quotes for Him
  42. I like all the ways that we hang out together, even when were mad. And I like the things that are not appropriate for a greeting card.
  43. I love loving you. Happy Valentine’s day!
  44. I love my life because it gave me you. I love you because you are my life.
  45. Valentine’s Day Love Notes
  46. I love you today, I love you tomorrow, and I love you forever…till I die…
  47. I loved you then and I love you now. But I am least bothered as I can’t imagine doing anything else.
  48. I loved you when the sun set yesterday, I love you when the moon comes tonight and I will love when the sun rises tomorrow.
  49. Valentine’s Day Love Greetings
  50. I may not say always how special you are for me, I may not reach to you because I am busy, but you are someone I really love and care for.
  51. I need you like a butterfly needs its wings, an ice bear needs cold weather and a soul needs a body.
  52. I pray to God for a thousand lives, and I wish I get you in each of them.
  53. Top 100 Valentine’s Day Love Messages
  54. I thank god because he made me meet you in the journey of life.
  55. There was a flash of bright lights and a puff of smoke and music in the air when you walked in. Right away, I knew I had found my special someone.
  56. I thank my life; because it gave me you…I love my life because you are a part of it.
  57. I want to let you know that I want you to be my Valentine. Again!
  58. Valentine’s Day Love Sayings
  59. I was reborn when you first kissed me. Part of me died when you left me. But now I still live, waiting for the day you return to me.
  60. I will hold on you forever because I have never known someone more special than you.
  61. I will wait for you till dawn even if it is the darkest night.
  62. Love Messages
  63. I wish God gives me birth hundred times only to be your lover forever.
  64. I wish to die before you, so that I can write your name on each star. Let the world see you mean the world to me.
  65. I would have been incomplete without your love; it’s you who makes me whole.
  66. I’m happy to be your Valentine, but not as happy as I am to have you as my Girlfriend every day.
  67. If I had to choose whether to breathe or to love you, I would use my last breath to tell you that… I love you.
  68. If I have life, it should be with you, if I have to die, I should die before you!
  69. If I tried to write all the things that I like about you in this card, I’d run out of room. Here are a few of my favorite things: (write all the things you like about her).
  70. If staying in your heart is a prison, I would accept to be sentenced for life.
  71. If you ask me how much I love you, count the stars! It is as countless and endless like them!
  72. If you ask me when shall I stop loving you, ask my heart when will it stop beating?
  73. I’m glad you have me as your boyfriend, because now I know you’ll be loved the way you should be for Valentine’s Day.
  74. It is love when we think about each other every single moment despite being miles apart. We resides in each other’s heart.
  75. It’s a long day but I know I will be fine with your touching care, Be there when I come back because I feel so lost when you are not around.
  76. Last night I matched every star with a reason for loving you. I ran out of stars because my love is countless.
  77. Let these words touch your eyes, let these feelings touch your soul; let this love touch your heart.
  78. Life without your love is like a tree without any fruit.
  79. Like everybody who is not in love, he thought one chose the person to be loved after endless deliberations and on the basis of particular qualities or advantages. – Marcel Proust
  80. Love is a state of mind which has nothing to do with the mind. – Bob Phillips
  81. Love is sweet when it is new and sweeter when it is true and sweetest when it is with you, you seduce me, so I’m falling into you can’t you see.
  82. Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that. – Michael Leunig
  83. Loving you is like breathing-so essential and important to remain alive.
  84. Loving you is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  86. My days seem to be as dark as night without you. Your love brings sunlight to my heart- my sweetheart.
  87. My heart beats taking your name and it beats because you stay there.
  88. My Love is sweet when it is new, sweeter when it is true and sweetest when it’s with you. I love you.
  89. Our love is like a romance movie, but the best part is that it never ends. Happy Valentine’s day!
  90. Small things that you do makes my heart fill with joys.
  91. Sometimes I laugh even when there is no around thinking about all the funny things that you do just to make me happy. Love you for being there always.
  92. Thank you for letting me have such a wonderful person as my Valentine this year.
  93. The first time you touched me, I felt love and even now the feeling of anxiety and excitement remains the same when you come close to me. The love for you grows with every passing moment.
  94. The greatest tragedy of life is not that men perish,but that they cease to love.
  95. The reassuring smile on your lips, touch of your hands, and the little ways in which you make me happy is what keeps me alive everyday.
  96. The way you look at me when I sit in front of the mirror… your smile when I catch you unaware noticing me… these small things show how much you love me more than any words can express.
  97. The way you wake me up and hold me in your arms every morning makes for a great start of my day, and I know you will always make me feel this special no matter how much we grow old.
  98. There’s nothing I’d rather do this Valentine’s Day than be with you. There’s nothing I’d rather be than your boyfriend.
  99. Think of my love like a diamond ring, – precious, rare and gorgeous, that glorifies your life forever.
  100. Thousands may come in your life and thousands may go, but there will be one person on earth who can give away life for you-and that’s me!
  101. Times have changed but your love has remained the same since the time we have been dating. I love you so much.
  102. True love is difficult to find, great to have, easy to lose, but hard to forget, I love you forever.
  103. Valentine’s Day makes me stop to realize how awesome it is to be going out with you.
  104. Valentine’s Day is much more fun when I get to spend it with you.
  105. We picture love as heart-shaped because we do not know the shape of the soul.
  106. When I die. I want to go to heaven, to put your name on a star. Let all the angels see, how much you mean to me.
  107. When I think of you, Roses of red grow in my heart. Every time I see you smile, they bloom and make me happy.
  108. When you come to me with your hair all messed up, I love you. When you come to me with chocolate all over your lips, I love you. When you crack silly jokes with me, I love you. I love you because you join me in my weirdness. Thanks for being my silly soul mate. Love you forever!
  109. Whether Valentine’s Day or not, I can’t think of anyone I would rather spend a day with. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  110. Who says we are miles apart? I still see you as I close my eyes.
  111. Without your love I can do nothing, with your love there is nothing I can’t do.
  112. You always know exactly how I feel and you are always there to make me feel alright when I stay far away from you… It is love that keep the connection between us so strong.
  113. You are as warm as sunshine. As sweet as sugar, as beautiful as flower, as pure as my love for you-I love you!
  114. You are my destination in life, also the way to reach to it. Wish to spend this lovely journey with you.
  115. You are my first thought when I wake up; you are my last thought when I fall asleep.
  116. You are not mine, but still I don’t know why I am afraid of losing you.
  117. You are sweeter than chocolate and more beautiful than a rose.
  118. You are the best gift I could ever ask to have for Valentine’s Day!
  119. You are the sun in my days, the moon in my nights, the waves in my ocean, and the life in my life.
  120. You deserve to be loved on Valentine’s Day. I’ll make sure you get what you deserve.
  121. You might mean to be a no one for the world, but for someone, you mean the whole world.
  122. Your eyes lit up my world, your smile brightened my sky.
  123. Your love help me find happiness in the most unexpected ways… life with you has been sheer bliss.
  124. Your love lightens up my path and shows me the way to move forward.
  125. Your love makes my life stronger and happier – be mine forever.

Budget Valentines Day Gifts

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Budget Valentines Day Gifts

Want to celebrate Valentine's Day without going into debt? Think fun.
Some of the best gifts involve sharing time, along with a little thoughtfulness. And the memories last far longer than a dozen roses or a box of chocolates. Here are 14 ways to express your love on the 14th -- or any other day for that matter.

For a spouse or significant other:

1. Time in a bottle:  Give your hardworking spouse a full day to do whatever he or she wants -- or just to relax -- no interruptions allowed. For him, that means he gets to engage in his hobby, watch the game, play 18 holes or do absolutely nothing. For her, that might means you feed and entertain the kids while she indulges in a good book, a bubble bath or a manicure. Announce your gift -- along with your most heartfelt message of love and appreciation -- in your best handwriting or play with various fonts on your home computer. Clean up an old wine bottle and insert the rolled-up message tied with a red bow.

2. Dining out:  Sure, you can take your loved one out to dinner, but that can get expensive. Instead, eat out -- as in outdoors. A picnic in a park or at the beach will fill the bill. In frostier climes, set up a picnic blanket and basket at the dining room table, on the living room floor or in the middle of that king-size bed. Add a rose or two (rather than a dozen) for atmosphere.

3. New adventures:  Do something different. Go somewhere you've never been before, or "someplace you haven't been in a while that's special," says John Gray, author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus." The site of your first date, for example. When you vary your routine, "that's what creates the memory," he says.

4. Surprise, surprise:  For guys that don't normally cook, Gray says, your best attempt at a home-cooked meal can be a huge treat and doesn't have to cost anything. Or hide a note under her pillow the night before or little notes around the house on the day, telling her what she means to you. Look at the little things. "What men don't realize about Valentine's Day is that it doesn't have to cost a lot," says Gray. "Little things make the difference. The surprise factor is nice, whenever possible," Gray says.

5. Culture up:  Does your significant other delight in museums, foreign films or rare books? In most metro areas, you can find high-culture, low-dollar activities if you know where to look. (Start with the local paper, check online and you can even call the local library or cultural organizations for suggestions.) Many museums have free days. Movie houses have special times when tickets are heavily discounted. For the book lover, plan a trip to a rare book shop, and splurge for cappuccino and biscotti at a nearby coffee house.

For the parents:

6. Creature comforts:  For mom or dad it's always a good idea to focus on the creature comforts. Let her sleep late and bring her coffee or orange juice and a simple breakfast in bed. "Some of the best stuff is free," says Melina Bellows, author of "The Fun Book for Moms: 102 Ways to Celebrate Family," and editor in chief of National Geographic Kids. Give dad or mom -- especially if you have a single parent -- the gift of an hour of "me-time" when they get home from work just to decompress, says Eric Stromer, author of "Do-It-Yourself Family: Fun and Useful Home Projects the Whole Family Can Make Together," and host of HGTV's "Over Your Head" and AOL's "Do-It-Yourself with Eric Stromer." "Try it Friday or Monday," he says. If you know dad will retreat to his man-cave, post some kind of thank you note or affirmation there, just to let him know how much you appreciate his hard work.

7. Get techy wid it:  The perfect gift for parents from teens and college kids. "Offer to be mom's tech concierge," says Bellows. Teach her to text, or show her how to download music or movies. If she's wanted to investigate social networking, introduce her to Facebook, and create (with her permission) a page for her, so that she can catch up with her high school and college friends. Or, if you have a few bucks, do the old mixed tape one better and load up her MP3 player with a playlist with of music you know she'll like.
8. Child labor:  Sure, you're busy, but that doesn't mean you can't spend a little time making sure your parents know you love them. Make a book of coupons for your parents filled with jobs you promise to do for the week, month or year: things like shining dad's shoes, washing mom's car, watering the plants or even taking out the trash.

For the kids:

9. Cooking up some love:  Kids will remember the Valentine's Day they baked cookies with mom or dad. With little kids, opt for something simple, like heart-shaped cookies. With older children, consider cupcakes with more elaborate Valentine's Day decorations. Then turn off the TV one night and have family game time or story time. Get out the old favorites or create a few new ones.

10. Treasure of love:  Kathy Peel, author of "The Busy Mom's Guide to a Happy, Organized Home," suggests hosting a treasure hunt. "Post clues (pictures, rhymes or words) to direct family members from one location to another until they find their treasure: a small Valentine's Day gift," she says.
11. Get crafty:  Try a family craft project, says Stromer. "Nothing spells love more than a heart made out of balsa wood and hung on the front door," he says. Balsa is inexpensive, easy to work with (you can often use tools that you already have), and available at local craft stores. Paint it, let it dry and display it prominently, says Stromer.

12. Start the day with love:  Celebrate with a Valentine's Day breakfast, says Bellows. For a lot of families, the morning routine is hectic. So take some time on Saturday for a leisurely breakfast. Go for something traditional with a twist, like their favorite pancakes in heart shapes. Keep with the Valentine's theme by using lots of strawberry or cherry syrup and whipped cream. And focus on the foods they really love.

13. Work together:  Take a few hours on Saturday to work together as a family on a project geared to the abilities of the kids. Build -- or even just hang -- a bird house. You can find kits in craft stores or if you're not handy, take the children to pick out a seed ball. Then, together, select a spot where it can be seen from indoors and hang it. Not only do you help foster local wildlife (and help creatures during the cold winter months), you and your family get to enjoy a little bit of nature in your own backyard. Another thought: Make your own kite. A little newspaper (or other heavy paper or light cloth), some balsa wood (available at craft stores), string and poster paints can add up to a pretty fantastic kite. (Check Internet sites or children's craft books at the library if you need examples or instructions.) See who can design the prettiest, fastest, most colorful or most unusual kite. You can display them in the kids' rooms or around the house. Then on the first sunny, windy day, try them out.

For any situation:

14. Be a friend:  Know someone who's alone? Set aside some time to share a meal, go on an outing, or swap recipes or gossip. It can cost virtually nothing, and you'll likely gain a lot more than you give.